Empowering Youth Through Media Production and Critique

DYN offers a wide range of afterschool programming for students across several middle schools and high schools in Chicago. Each group, referred to as “pods,” meets once a week for two hours.

Our pods are production oriented, meaning students learn these new skills through the process of creating. Our mentors have developed scaffolded-learning experiences that allow students to learn the basics or choose to become experts in any medium over time.

Students are challenged to create media that reflect themselves and their surroundings. Through the process of learning to create, they also become critical consumers. Once a DYN student learns to create his own movies, music videos, and commercials, he will never watch TV the same way again.

Our pod offerings have something for every student’s interest. Whether students are interested in video production, digital music, design, poetry, or girls’ issues, there is a pod for them.

Check out each pod description to find out more and sample a bit of the products that come out of the pod.

All DYN afterschool programming is voluntary and open to students in any of our partner schools.